25th August 2018


Why steam is hotter than boiling water?

Steam would be hotter as it has to acquire the extra latent heat to change its state from liquid to gas. The heat carrying capacity of water is lower than its boiling point temperature. But the steam has the capability of carrying more amount of heat than the water. So steam is the hottest one compared with the water.

Also question is, why is a steam burn worse than a burn from boiling water?

Phase changes require a lot more energy than just a temperature change. The energy required for water to go from a liquid to a gas is called the heat of vaporization. When steam (water in the gas phase) hits your skin, a lot of energy will be released as it condenses into a liquid, undergoing a phase change.

What causes more severe burn boiling water or steam?

Boiling water contains only a specific amount of heat energy required for it to boil. However, as steam is formed from boiling water, it contains the heat energy of boiling water, along with the latent heat of vaporization. Hence, as steam has more heat energy, it can cause more severe burns than boiling water.

Why steam is more effective than boiling water for heating purposes?

The reason has to do with the latent heat of vaporization. This is the amount of heat energy necessary to change the phase or state of matter from liquid to gas. This energy is absorbed by the liquid, but does not change the temperature. Hence ,it causes more burns than boiling water.
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