2nd October 2019


Why service recovery is important?

Service recovery refers to the actions a service provider takes in response to a previous service failure with your company. Listening to the customer and having an understanding of their perspective is the first step in the service recovery process. It is very important to understand where the customer is coming from.

Also to know is, what are the five phases to the service recovery process?

There are five logical steps in the service recovery process:
  • Anticipating customer needs.
  • Acknowledging their feelings.
  • Apologizing and owning the responsibility.
  • Offering alternatives.
  • Making amends.

What is the paradox of the service recovery process?

The service recovery paradox (SRP) is a situation in which a customer thinks more highly of a company after the company has corrected a problem with their service, compared to how he or she would regard the company if non-faulty service had been provided.

What do you mean by service failure?

A service failure, simply defined, is service performance that fails to meet a customer's expectations. Typically, when a service failure occurs, a customer will expect to be compensated for the inconvenience in the form of any combination of refunds, credits, discounts, or apologies.
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