17th October 2019


Why our blood is red?

Each hemoglobin protein is made up subunits called hemes, which are what give blood its red color. More specifically, the hemes can bind iron molecules, and these iron molecules bind oxygen. The blood cells are red because of the interaction between iron and oxygen.

In this way, what does it mean if your blood is bright red?

See, arterial blood is a much brighter red compared to venous blood seeing how it contains far more oxygen. If you nicked yourself and saw that you are bleeding bright red blood, you may need just a bit more than first aid. The bright red blood wasn't in your veins! It was in contact with the oxygen in the air.

Is blood red in the body?

But our blood is red. It's bright red when the arteries carry it in its oxygen-rich state throughout the body. And it's still red, but darker now, when it rushes home to the heart through the veins.
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