25th November 2019


Why open circuit test is done on transformer?

Open circuit test or no load test on a transformer is performed to determine 'no load loss (core loss)' and 'no load current I0'. The circuit diagram for open circuit test is shown in the figure below. Usually high voltage (HV) winding is kept open and the low voltage (LV) winding is connected to its normal supply.

Similarly, it is asked, what is Sfra test of transformer?

Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) is a powerful and sensitive method to evaluate the mechanical integrity of core, windings and clamping structures within power transformers by measuring their electrical transfer functions over a wide frequency range.

What is Type test of transformer?

Simultaneous readings of voltage are taken to low voltage and high voltage windings area taken after the voltage is applied to one winding. The ratio is the division between the high reading and low reading. If it is a three-phase transformer, each phase is tested individually. Commonly known as the Megger test.

What is transformer oil testing?

To assess the insulating property of dielectric transformer oil, a sample of the transformer oil is taken and its breakdown voltage is measured. The lower the resulting breakdown voltage, the poorer the quality of the transformer oil. The transformer oil is filled in the vessel of the testing device.
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