29th June 2020


Why new public management is important?

NPM is intended to improve the quality of public services, save public expenditure, improve the efficiency of governmental operations and make policy implementation more effective (Aucoin, 1990; Pollitt and Bouckaert, 2000; Laffin and Painter, 1995).

In this regard, what are the advantages of new public management?

The NPM components of decentralization, privatization, contracting out, performance contracting and corporatization are advantages because they are adopted as managerial alternative to the traditional model of public management.

Beside above, what are the features of new public management?

New Public Management approach seeks to reform the government along the following lines: Restructuring government operations along the market lines. Strategic policy formulation and implementation should be distinguished. Performance evaluation and quality improvement was emphasized.

What are the advantages of public administration?

Being able to work in so many different areas over time makes public administration a great fit for those who want to make a difference to the public and society. Some of the most popular public administration issues today include: Climate change and its causes. Water and food supply security in developing nations.

What are the goals of new public administration?

New Public Administration was established because it was realized that public administration needs to take cognizance of five major goals: relevance, values, social equity, change and client orientation.
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