17th October 2019


Why isolator is used in microwave?

An isolator is a two-port device that transmits microwave or radio frequency power in one direction only. It is used to shield equipment on its input side, from the effects of conditions on its output side; for example, to prevent a microwave source being detuned by a mismatched load.

Likewise, what is an isolator used for?

In electrical engineering, a disconnector, disconnect switch or isolator switch is used to ensure that an electrical circuit is completely de-energized for service or maintenance. Disconnectors can be operated either manually or automatically.

What is the purpose of an isolator switch?

Circuit Breaker (CB): A CB is used to protect an individual feeder or incoming line and normally trips when rated current is exceeded and may be reset. Isolator Switch (IS): Unlike a CB an IS has no protection capability and is used to physically disconnect any circuit when repairs etc are being done.

Can a circulator be used as an isolator?

Isolator. When one port of a three-port circulator is terminated in a matched load, it can be used as an isolator, since a signal can travel in only one direction between the remaining ports.
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