18th November 2019


Why is there a need for larger cells to divide?

There are two main reasons why cells divide rather than continuing to grow larger and larger: The larger a cell becomes, the ……. more demands the cell places on its DNA. If the cell grows too large, it will have trouble moving enough nutrients and wastes across the cell membrane.

What are the reasons for a cell to divide?

Two reasons that cells divide is because of meiosis and because of mitosis. Meiosis has to do with reproduction and mitosis has to do with cell repair or replacement. chromatin, chromosome, sister chromatids, and centromere are related because they all have DNA.

Why is it important for body cells to divide?

These are for growth, to replace damaged cells and repair worn out tissues. Normal human body cells are diploid – they have two of each chromosome. When new cells are made, these 46 chromosomes (in other organisms the number is different) are copied exactly in a process called mitosis.
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