Why is the reverse Trendelenburg position used?

The reverse trendelenburg position is also used to improve surgical exposure of the prostate and minimally invasive upper abdominal procedures. Given that position have a tremendous effect on intraoperative bleding, we aimed to compare reverse trendelenburg position and head-up position in decreasing blood loss.

What is the Trendelenburg test used for?

The Trendelenburg Test or Brodie-Trendelenburg test is a test which can be carried out as part of a physical examination to determine the competency of the valves in the superficial and deep veins of the legs in patients with varicose veins.
  • What does a negative Trendelenburg test mean?

    The person has to stand on one leg and tilt the other one up. The test is negative when the hip of the leg that is pulled up, will also go up. There is no sign for trendelenburg. When the hip from the leg is pulled up will become lower then the other one, we talk about a positive sign for the trendelenburg test.
  • What is Perthes test?

    The Perthes test is a clinical test for assessing the patency of the deep femoral vein prior to varicose vein surgery. It is named after German surgeon Georg Perthes. The limb is elevated and an elastic bandage is applied firmly from the toes to the upper 1/3 of the thigh to obliterate the superficial veins only.
  • What are the adductor muscles used for?

    Adductor muscle, any of the muscles that draw a part of the body toward its median line or toward the axis of an extremity (compare abductor muscle), particularly three powerful muscles of the human thigh—adductor longus, adductor brevis, and adductor magnus.

What is the best position for a patient in shock?

The shock position is the position of a person who is lying flat on his or her back with the legs elevated approximately 8-12 inches. This is used when a patient is showing signs of shock. The shock position is also used for patients experiencing heat related emergencies.
  • When would you use the reverse Trendelenburg position?

    The reverse Trendelenburg position similarly has the body flat, but the head is 15-30 degrees higher than the feet. The Trendelenburg position is used frequently in surgery, especially of the abdomen and genitourinary system.
  • What is the Sim's position?

    The Sims' position, named after the gynaecologist James Marion Sims, is usually used for rectal examination, treatments and enemas. It is performed by having a patient lie on their left side, left hip and lower extremity straight, and right hip and knee bent. It is also called lateral recumbent position.
  • What is the semi Fowler's position?

    Upright at 90 degrees is full or high Fowler's position. Semi-Fowler's would be tilted back to approximately 30 degrees.

What is the dorsal position used for?

The dorsal recumbent position is a position in which an individual (usually a patient) lies on their back with their knees bent up in an outward position while their feet are planted flat on the ground, a bed, table or resting platform allowing the pelvic area to be easily examined and observed.
  • What is the meaning of recumbent position?

    The definition of recumbent is a person or thing lying down or resting. An example of a recumbent position is someone swinging in a hammock with their eyes closed. An example of a recumbent bike is a bike where someone sits down and leans back while peddling the bike.
  • What is the semi recumbent position?

    The semirecumbent position is an upright positioning of the head and torso at an angle of 45°. The effects of adopting the semirecumbent position in critically ill patients have been extensively investigated as a potential means of preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).
  • What is supine blood pressure?

    RESULTS: The blood pressure tended to drop in the standing position compared with the sitting, supine and supine with crossed legs. Systolic and diastolic blood pressure was the highest in supine position when compared the other positions.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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