25th November 2019


Why is the meat tough?

Muscles high up along the back and ribs get less exercise, so they're more tender. Muscles also toughen with age, so the younger an animal is, the more tender its meat will be. Finally, overcooking meat can cause it to become tough. That's because heat causes the proteins in the meat to become firmer.

Likewise, how can I make my beef tender?

Slow cooking in liquid keeps them moist while breaking down the tendons that make the meat chewy. If you don't need cubes of meat, you can get additional tenderness by pounding the meat before cooking. Use tender beef chunks to make beef stew, stroganoff, shredded beef and casseroles.

How do I tenderize beef?

Here are 7 strategies for grilling and serving a tender steak every time.
  1. Chemical tenderizers. Season steaks with a papaya- or pineapple-based rub or marinade.
  2. Acidic tenderizers.
  3. Mechanical tenderizing.
  4. Scoring.
  5. Resting and slicing.
  6. Try a lesser-known “alternative” steak.
  7. Invest in a good steak knife.

Can you use vinegar to tenderize meat?

When applied to beef, acids soften tough muscle at the same time that they give meat more flavor. What's more, flavorful acids run the gamut from simple vinegar to citrus or tomato juices. Choose balsamic, apple cider or plain white vinegar, or tenderize with lemon, lime or even orange juice.
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