2nd October 2019


Why is papain used in the kitchen as a meat tenderizer?

Tenderizing meat involves a process called denaturing which breaks down its connective tissue. Most commercial meat tenderizers use the enzyme papain which is found in the fruit papaya (Labelle, Taylan, 8 Mar. 2013, n.p). Papain is a proteolytic enzyme.

Consequently, can you use pineapple to tenderize meat?

While imparting a great deal of flavor, pineapple juice helps tenderize tough cuts of meat. The enzyme in pineapple, bromelain, digests protein, softening the tissues in meat before cooking it. Most juice manufacturers pasteurize the juice, a process that kills the enzymes that tenderize the protein found in meat.

What is the main ingredient in meat tenderizer?

Meat tenderizer refers to a powdered naturally derived enzyme powder. The enzyme most commonly used is papain which comes from papayas. Meat is sprinkled with the powder and the enzymes help to break down the meat fibers. The same result can be obtained by marinating meat in papaya or pineapple juice.

Is it safe to take bromelain daily?

There is no standard dose for bromelain. For swelling, some experts have recommended a range of 80 milligrams to 320 milligrams of extract taken two to three times daily. One or two 200-milligram bromelain tablets are used for knee pain.
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