2nd October 2019


Why is not good to cross your legs?

Crossing your legs may draw attention to varicose veins but it's not their cause. Leg crossing has also been suggested (mostly by chiropractors) to lead to bad posture and its downstream effects on the back, hip and pelvis. Certainly, those with back and hip problems may experience discomfort when crossing their legs.

Considering this, is it bad to sit crossed legged?

Crossing your legs can negatively affect your posture, though. Just because it doesn't give you varicose veins doesn't mean crossing your legs is exactly good for you. "One thing sitting cross-legged is associated with is bad posture," Dr. Wider tells HG.

What does it mean when you cross your legs?

If you sit with your legs crossed, ankle over knee, you're confident and dominate, says Driver. Crossing your legs at the ankles while seated is known as the “ankle lock” and can mean you're holding back, uncertain, or fearful, making it common in interview situations.

Why is it so comfortable to cross your legs?

Crossing your legs feels comfortable because it's a bit like tying up the limbs so they don't move. So crossing your legs feels relaxing because there's less energy needed to keep your legs in place. The risk is that too long in this position will make the muscles lazy!
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