22nd October 2018


Why is my Sky box not working?

Switch off or unplug your Sky+ box at the mains. Switch any other connected devices, such as your TV, to standby and then turn them off or disconnect them at the mains. The red power light on your Sky+ box will come back on. After at least three minutes, press sky on your Sky remote to switch your Sky+ box on.

How do you reset a Sky remote control?

You can reset your Sky remote by following the steps below: 1) Remove the batteries, then press and hold down SELECT for 30 seconds. 2) Re-insert the batteries and replace the battery cover. 3) Press SKY on your Sky remote.

How do you change the batteries in the directv remote?

Follow these steps to change the batteries in your remote:
  1. Turn your remote control over and remove the battery cover.
  2. Take out the old batteries.
  3. Insert two new AA batteries and close the battery cover.
  4. Press and hold any button.
  5. Press the GUIDE or MENU button on your remote to return to enjoying DIRECTV.
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