2nd October 2019


Why is my Fitbit not syncing with my phone?

Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth off and back on. Open the Fitbit app. If your Fitbit device didn't sync, restart your iPhone or iPad. If your Fitbit device won't sync after the restart, log in to your Fitbit account on a different phone, tablet, or computer and try to sync.

In this manner, how do I update tracker software on my Fitbit?

  1. Ensure that your tracker is near your computer.
  2. Go back to the main menu and click Check for device update.
  3. When prompted, log in to your Fitbit account.
  4. Keep your tracker close to the computer during the update, which may take several minutes.

How do I get my Fitbit app to update?

To update your Fitbit app for Android, you just need to do the following:
  1. Tap the Play Store app.
  2. Tap or click the menu icon in the top left corner.
  3. Tap My apps & games. If the Fitbit app has an update, you'll see it in the Updates list.
  4. Tap Update.

How do I restart my tracker on my Fitbit?

How to restart your Fitbit Charge
  1. Plug your charging cable into your computer.
  2. Plug your Charge into the charging cable.
  3. Press and hold the button for 10 to 12 seconds until you see the Fitbit icon and a version number on the screen.
  4. Let go of the button.
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