16th October 2019


Why is it important to have a cleaning schedule?

To help you and your employees clean your establishment effectively, it is important to create a cleaning schedule. Cleaning schedules can help you and your employees know what needs to be cleaned and how often it should be cleaned. Some things, like food preparation utensils and surfaces, should be cleaned very often.

Herein, how often do you clean food contact surfaces?

For optimum safety – every 4 hours. Additionally, always clean and sanitize food contact surfaces after use and/or prior to a new food item being introduced to the surface. Rub your hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds.

How often should a meat slicer be cleaned and sanitized when in constant use?

To prevent this, the FDA Food Code recommends that food contact surfaces, like deli slicers, be fully cleaned (taken apart, cleaned, and sanitized) at least every 4 hours.

How far does food need to be stored off the floor?

If located in a food preparation area, poisonous substances are to be stored in a separate approved enclosure (e.g., cabinet). All food, except those stored in the original large unopened bulk containers are to be stored at least 6-inches above the floor.
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