2nd November 2019


Why is concentrated sulfuric acid a dehydrating agent?

Sulphuric acid has a great affinity for water. It readily removes elements of water from other compounds i.e, it acts as a dehydrating agent, it being a hygroscopic substance absorb water from other substances without dissolving in it,so it is considered a good dessicating or drying agent.

Similarly one may ask, what is the purpose of concentrated sulfuric acid in esterification?

Esterification is a relatively slow process at room temperature and does not proceed to completion. Concentrated sulfuric acid is used as a catalyst, and has a dual role: Speeds up the reaction. Acts as a dehydrating agent, forcing the equilibrium to the right and resulting in a greater yield of ester.

What is the difference between a drying agent and a dehydrating agent?

A drying agent simply absorbs the moisture or water vapour that is present as an impurity or contaminant with the desired substance. It does not act as a reactant to produce a new substance by a chemical reaction, but simply as a purifier. A dehydrating agent, on the other hand, actually acts as a reactant.

Which acid is used as dehydrating agent?

The reverse of a dehydration reaction is a hydration reaction. Common dehydrating agents used in organic synthesis include concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated phosphoric acid, hot aluminium oxide and hot ceramic.
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