2nd October 2019


Why infrastructure is so important?

The Importance of Infrastructure for Economic Growth, Jobs, and Access to Markets and Services in Solomon Islands. From air and marine transport links, to good roads, telecommunications and energy generation, all are needed for provision of reliable services, and to enable local businesses to grow and expand.

Also asked, what are the different types of infrastructure?

The following are common types of economic infrastructure.
  • Transportation. Transportation services such as roads, bridges, cycle highways, rail, airports and ports.
  • Energy. Production and delivery of energy including electric grids.
  • Water.
  • Safety & Resilience.
  • Financial.
  • Health & Education.
  • Standards & Rules.
  • Public Space.

What does the infrastructure team do?

The Infrastructure team is comprised of both network and system administrators. This team is responsible for keeping all of the backend systems and services functional and secure as well as investigating and standing up new services for the College of the Liberal Arts.

What is the infrastructure of a building?

The term public works includes government-owned and operated infrastructure as well as public buildings, such as schools and court houses. Public works generally refers to physical assets needed to deliver public services. Public services include both infrastructure and services generally provided by government.
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