2nd October 2019


Why does it say Instagrammer?

If the account is deactivated or permanently blocked by Instagram, it will sayInstagrammer! The word “Instagrammer” stands for when a user Temporarily deactivated his/her account. Similarly when they block you or when you block them it's shows as “User”. Most likely it's that they deleted their account.

Similarly, what happens if you get blocked on Instagram?

When you block someone, that person won't be able to find your profile, posts or story on Instagram. People aren't notified when you block them. Can a person I blocked still mention me? Yes, someone you blocked can mention your username on Instagram, but this mention won't appear in your Activity.

How do you see who you blocked on Instagram?

You can't get a list of the people you've blocked. If you wish to unblock someone you've accidentally blocked you need to search for that user, go into their profile, tap the actions button in the top right of the screen and then select "Unblock user" from the menu that is displayed.
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