2nd October 2019


Why does alcohol and nail polish remover evaporate faster than water?

In conclusion my hypothesis was wrong because all the other liquids evaporated faster than the water.Alcohol was the first liquid that evaporated faster than the others because it has a low boiling point and the nail polish remover was the second liquid to evaporate because it contains acetone which has intermolecular

Can alcohol absorb water?

Yes, alcohol does absorb water from the air - it's very hygroscopic - anhydrous copper suphate (for example) may be used to remove water from it.

Why does alcohol at room temperature feel colder than water?

Alcohol easily evaporates at room temperature, so it feels cool. This is also why you feel cool when getting out of the pool. The water on your skin evaporates. It takes heat to evaporate, so your skin gives up that heat to make it happen, thus you feel cooler.
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