2nd October 2019


Why does a slug die when it is covered with salt?

THE SLUG has a moist skin, so when you sprinkle salt on to it a strong brine quickly forms. The process of osmosis then begins, by which water is drawn from a weak solution (in this case the body fluid of the slug) into a stronger one. Result: the slug dies a lingering death by dehydration.

In respect to this, why do people put salt on snails?

Snails and slugs have an outer mucous membrane with water-based slime on the outside, The salt dissolves in this slime, forming a highly concentrated solution of salt. As a result, they shrink for loss of moisture, and a pool of salty water forms around them.

How do you get rid of snails?

Method 1 Using Natural Snail Repellents
  1. Make beer traps. One of the most well-known and effective ways to get rid of snails is to make beer traps.
  2. Try using copper.
  3. Sprinkle crushed egg shells.
  4. Use coffee.
  5. Encourage snail predators.
  6. Use diatomaceous earth.
  7. Use other deterrents.

Why are there so many snails when it rains?

Snails are similar to amphibians in that they breathe through their skin (though they also have gills or lungs). Under dry conditions, they seek cover to combat dessication. But when it rains, they "come out," just like many amphibians.
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