26th October 2019


Why do the Browns have an elf for a mascot?

The story of Brownie the Elf the logo begins long before the Cleveland Browns adopted the little creature — long before the team even existed, in fact. He also asked for submissions for mascot logos, and after careful consideration chose Brownie as the new face of the team.

Keeping this in view, what kind of dog is the mascot for the Cleveland Browns?

Kevin Griffin, the Browns' vice president of fan experience and marketing, told 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland that a bullmastiff named Swagger will lead players onto the field at FirstEnergy Stadium. Asked to comment on the mascot plans, spokesman Rob McBurnett said more information would be released in the future.

Who is the mascot for the Cleveland Browns?


What is the New York Giants mascot?

List of National Football League mascots
New Orleans SaintsGumbo, Sir Saint
New York Giantsnone
Philadelphia EaglesSwoop, Air Swoop
San Francisco 49ersSourdough Sam
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