3rd December 2019


Why do period come?

Every month or so, the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg if the woman becomes pregnant. If the egg doesn't get fertilized, that lining is released from the body as blood through the vagina. This monthly process is called menstruation or a period.

How long is a girl's first period last?

Your first period may last from two to seven days. Then, there might be 21 to 40 days or even longer before you have another period. Your next period might be heavier or lighter than the first. Don't worry if your early periods have longer cycles or don't follow a schedule.

What does it look like when you first get your period?

You'll start getting discharge about six months before your first period. Tips: Sometimes your period doesn't look or feel the way you expect! Your period might look like blood right away, or it might start with pinkish, reddish, or brownish goo like mine did.
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