6th October 2019


Why do babies not have tears when they cry?

You'll start to see teardrops when your baby is between 1 and 3 months old. As his glands develop, they'll produce more and more. If your baby's eye tears when he's not crying, he may have a blocked duct. Most of the time it will correct on its own, but have your doctor monitor it.

Correspondingly, why are there no tears when a baby cries?

Until they're 8 months old, many babies don't shed tears because their tear ducts aren't fully developed yet; they make just enough moisture to coat the surface of their eyes. Even after that, babies don't cry just when they're sad or in pain; they do it to communicate, too.

Why do babies not have tears?

At first, newborn babies do not have the capability to produce tears when they cry. This ability develops toward the end of the first month. Around this time, some newborn babies develop a blocked tear duct, which is a blockage of the pathway that carries tears from the eye to the nose.
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