2nd October 2019


Why can't Romeo and Juliet be together?

The parents of both families won't let Romeo and Juliet be together because of past prejudices that neither families can remember because it was so long ago that that the families just hate each other because it has been going on between their families for so long.

So, what happens at the climax of the play Romeo and Juliet?

Answer: The climax is reached in Act III and it is twofold. The banishment of Romeo. The refusal of Juliet to wed Paris. The climax is twofold [unusual in Shakespeare] because the play has both a hero and a heroine.

Why are the two families fighting in Romeo and Juliet?

At the beginning of Romeo and Juliet the Chorus says that two families in Verona (Montagues & Capulets) are constantly fighting. The start of their feud is left to the imagination. I am going to give a possible explanation on why the two families resulted in conflict.
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