25th November 2019


Why bridge circuit is used?

Unlike the “potentiometer” circuit used to simply measure an unknown voltage, bridge circuits can be used to measure all kinds of electrical values, not the least of which being resistance. Each of the four resistances in a bridge circuit are referred to as arms.

Keeping this in view, where is the Wheatstone bridge used?

A Wheatstone bridge is widely used to measure the electrical resistance. This circuit is built with two known resistors, one unknown resistor and one variable resistor connected in the form of bridge.

Why is a Wheatstone circuit called a bridge?

Wheatstone bridge is an electric circuit and as the name suggests, it is in a shape of a bridge, the bridge is a galvanometer. It is named after Sir Charles Wheatstone who has popularized this. Wheatstone bridge helps in finding the unknown resistance value of a resistor. This bridge is also called post office box.
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