2nd October 2019


Why benzene is more aromatic than pyridine?

Answer: Pyridine is less reactive, than benzene toward electrophilic aromatic substitution, because nitrogen is more electronegative, than carbon and acts like an electron withdrawing group. As a result, the meta hydrogen is substituted. 3.

In respect to this, why pyridine is a aromatic?

The nitrogen of pyridine is sp 2 -hybridized and possesses one lone electron pair. This electron pair is located in an sp 2 orbital that is parallel to the ring plane. Therefore, in contrast to pyrrole, the nitrogen's lone electron pair of pyridine does not participate in the aromatic π electron system.

Why pyrrole is an aromatic compound?

The molecule is planar and cyclic, so the three prerequisites for aromaticity have been met. In pyrrole the lone pair on nitrogen and the four 2p electrons go to make up 6 pi electrons also satisfying Huckels rule. Of the two pyridine shows more aromatic character.

Is furan an aromatic compound?

Furan is aromatic because one of the lone pairs of electrons on the oxygen atom is delocalized into the ring, creating a 4n + 2 aromatic system (see Hückel's rule) similar to benzene. Because of the aromaticity, the molecule is flat and lacks discrete double bonds.
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