30th June 2020


Why are antibiotics not effective against viruses quizlet?

Without the cell wall, the bacteria cannot reproduce. Antibiotic drugs attack the parts of bacteria that viruses do not have, such as a cell wall. Since viruses do not have a cell wall, the antibiotic cannot affect it.

Similarly one may ask, how do antibiotics kill bacteria Why do they not affect viruses quizlet?

Antibiotics block metabolic pathways in bacteria: i.e. inhibit cell wall formation; protein synthesis. Antibiotics are not used to treat viral diseases because they are ineffective and may harm helpful bacteria.

Also, what are antibiotics why are they becoming less effective quizlet?

An antibiotic is a chemical that can kill bacteria without harming a persons cells. Why are antibiotics less effective now than they once were? Antibiotics are less effective now then they once were because bacteria has become resistant to the antibiotic. Diseases caused by viruses can be cured with antibiotics.

What type of infection Cannot be treated with antibiotics quizlet?

Bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics but viral infections cannot. Viruses are non-living, they are not cells, they do not respond to a stimulus, grow, and they must have a host to multiply.

What are antibiotics why are they becoming less effective?

They are less effective after a while because bacteria evolve to become resistant to the use of antibiotics; an example is how a mutation in certain genes can eliminate the ability of a somatic cell to withstand bacterial infection because antibiotics are ineffective.
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