30th June 2020


Why am I getting flu so often?

On average, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, adults get about two to three colds each year. Stress and lack of sleep can increase your risk of getting frequent colds. Practicing good hygiene, eating right, sleeping, and reducing stress all help keep colds away.

Then, how often is it normal to get sick?

Adults average about two to four colds a year, although the range varies widely. Women, especially those aged 20 to 30 years, have more colds than men, possibly because of their closer contact with children. On average, people older than age 60 have fewer than one cold a year.

Likewise, why do I keep getting sick every other week?

The most common reason you get sick all the time
If you find yourself falling ill almost every other week, your body is trying to tell you something: you're stressed. "It's partly because we let ourselves get run down, stressed out and ultimately burnt out," Dr.

Is it good to get sick once in awhile?

Every time you get sick and support your body with the right nutrients to heal (see my top tips below) you strengthen your immune system and help train it, in a way, so that the next time it encounters that pathogen, it can fight it off before it gets you down.

Can you get two colds in a row?

Yes, You Can Have Two Colds at the Same Time. It's cold and flu season. While there are more than 200 virus strains that can contribute to the common cold, the most common are rhinoviruses. And although the rhinovirus is commonplace and well understood, there's currently no magic bullet for curing the common cold.
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