6th October 2019


Who was the most powerful of the gods?

So Poseidon was chosen as the sea god. And he did not give his throne to Zeus, as he never had one. Zeus singlehandedly dethroned Kronos, and was the most powerful of all the Greek gods.

Keeping this in view, who is the goddess of the grain?


How do you get a whisker from Cerberus the guardian of the underworld on Poptropica?

To obtain this item you must first go to Apollo's temple and get a reed pipe. Then talk to the muse with the pipe and she will challenge you to a memory game. Beat this game and she will give you a magic tune. Go to the underworld and play the tune on your reed pipe in front of Cerberus.

Who is Hydra in Poptropica?

The Hydra is located in its cave, which is an underwater area in the realm of Poseidon. To get there, you must swim through an underwater cavern. When battling the Hydra, each one of its heads will rear back and plunge down towards you. When that happens, jump and land on them.
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