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Who was the god of lightning?


Accordingly, can Thor use lightning without the hammer?

However, without the presence of gravity, anyone can overcome this enchantment and lift, or more accurately “push,” and hold Mjolnir, but can not access or use the enchantments within the hammer. Wielding Mjolnir, Thor can summon and control the powers of the storm, causing rain, wind, thunder and lightning.

Who was the god of thunder?

In Indo-European cultures, the thunder god is frequently known as the chief or king of the gods, e.g. Indra in Hinduism, Zeus in Greek mythology, and Perun in ancient Slavic religion; or a close relation thereof, e.g. Thor, son of Odin, in Norse mythology.

What are the powers of Thor?

Thus far, this includes Thor, Odin, Tiwaz, Red Norvell, and Beta Ray Bill. Those who are worthy enough are empowered with Thor's essence held within Mjolnir to gain the powers of Thor. However, in times of need, Thor can will others to lift Mjolnir and overcome this enchantment, allowing them to lift the hammer.
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