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Who was involved in Adams Onis Treaty?

Adams-Onís Treaty (February 22, 1819) Agreement between the USA and Spain. Negotiated by secretary of state John Quincy Adams and Spanish minister Luis de Onís, Spain gave up its land e of the Mississippi River and claims to the Oregon Territory; the US assumed debts of US$5 million and gave up claims to Texas.

Furthermore, why is it called the Adam Onis Treaty?

The Adams-Onís Treaty (also called the Florida treaty) was a treaty between Spain and the United States of America in 1819. This treaty gave the state of Florida to the United States. It settled a standing border dispute between the two countries.

What were the terms of the Oregon Treaty?

The Oregon Treaty set the U.S. and British North American border at the 49th parallel with the exception of Vancouver Island, which was retained in its entirety by the British.

Why did Spain sell Florida to the United States?

They realized that they could not keep the United States from talking over the Florida territory so in 1819 Spain agreed to sell Florida to the United States. The Adams-Onis Treaty was approved by Spain and the United States in 1821.
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