29th June 2020


Who said the past is a foreign country they do things differently there?

Works written: The Go-Between, Eustace and

Moreover, what does the past is a foreign country mean?

The Past Is a Foreign Country. (Literary Masterpieces, Volume 9) The Past Is a Foreign Country, originally published in Great Britain in 1985, is an exploration of the nature of the past and history. What do we mean when we speak about the past, as distinct from the present or the future?

Beside above, why did Ted kill himself in the go between?

He realises where he stands in society and is accepting of this. He understands that Marian will never marry him because society will not accept it. Ultimately, Ted killed himself out of love for Marian. He didn't want to live a life that would not include Marian.

What is the go between?

The Go-Between is a novel by L.P. Hartley published in 1953. His best-known work, it has been adapted several times for stage and screen. The book gives a critical view of society at the end of the Victorian era through the eyes of a naïve schoolboy outsider.
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