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Who proposed the existence of quarks?

Posted by Cian O'Luanaigh on 17 Jan 2014. Last updated 10 Apr 2014, 12.32. In 1964, two physicists independently proposed the existence of the subatomic particles known as quarks. Physicists Murray Gell-Mann and George Zweig were working independently on a theory for strong interaction symmetry in particle physics.

Besides, when Where and how was the top quark discovered?

Discovery of the Top Quark. Ever since the existence of the bottom (or b ) quark was inferred from the discovery of the Upsilon family of resonances at Fermilab in 1977, particle physicists have been on the lookout for its partner, called top (or t ).

When was the strange quark discovered?

Strange quark
CompositionElementary particle
AntiparticleStrange antiquark ( s )
TheorizedMurray Gell-Mann (1964) George Zweig (1964)
Discovered1968, SLAC
Mass95+5 −5 MeV/c2

How did the quarks get their names?

The third quark is called strange. It was named after the "strangely" long lifetime of the K particle, the first composite particle found to contain this quark. The fourth quark type, the charm quark, was named on a whim.
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