25th September 2018


Who lived in the city of Petra?

The earliest mention of these people is from 312 B.C., when they apparently withstood an assault by Antigonus, one of Alexander the Great's successors. In these early years the Nabataeans are believed to have lived a nomadic lifestyle, and Petra was likely a place of tents and simple structures.

When was Petra abandoned?

The ancient desert oasis of Petra was rediscovered after being abandoned 1,500 years ago. Petra was once a bustling city in the southern desert of Jordan near the town of Wadi Musa. Thought to have been established about 312 BC, it was populated by the Nabataeans, who called it Raqmu.

When was Petra carved?

Carved into the sandstone hill by the Nabataeans in the second century A.D., this towering structure likely began as a temple. Carved directly into vibrant red, white, pink, and sandstone cliff faces, the prehistoric Jordanian city of Petra was "lost" to the Western world for hundreds of years.
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