21st October 2019


Who is the protagonist and antagonist in the sound of thunder?

The Protagonist The protagonist in a "Sound of Thunder" is Eckles. His objective is to kill the dinosaur and get home safely. Antagonist The antagonist in a sound of thunder is time.Time is their greatest enemy on their hunt. Travis Travis is a round character.

Furthermore, what is the falling action of the sound of thunder?

The falling action is the discovery of the changes in the town that have resulted from the killing of the butterfly. The resolution comes when Eckels hears the click of the safety release of Travis' rifle, followed by the sound of thunder.

What is the conflict in the sound of thunder?

conflict is a struggle between aposing forces. there are different kinds of conflict, such as, external conflict anc internal conflict. In "A Sound of Thunder" the main conflict is between Eckels and nature. This type of conflict is external.

What is the irony of the sound of thunder?

Situational irony: the expectation is that he will kill the T-Rex but he ends up changing the future by stepping on a butterfly. Verbal irony: Travis says something to Eckels that he doesn't mean. Name an example of foreshadowing in “The Sound of Thunder”.
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