Who is the owner of Carmax?

RichardRick” Sharp, longtime chief executive of the now-defunct electronics retailer Circuit City and co-founder of used-car dealership chain CarMax, died June 24 at his home near Richmond. He was 67.

Can you negotiate price with carmax?

Quora User, I've purchased about 10 cars from Carmax. They won't negotiate the price of the car you're buying, but they will slightly negotiate the price of a car you sell to them. Any Carmax salesperson will tell you they don't negotiate, and they 're not making it up.
  • Is the price in Carmax negotiable?

    Believe it or not, CarMax isn't just for folks that want a quality used car at a reasonable price. There are some car buyers that will drop serious cash. As Doug has mentioned many times, the MaxCare coverage is really good, but it is going to cost you more money in addition to that non-negotiable CarMax price.
  • What is the upfront price?

    Upfront pricing refers to the interest rates and limits established for a borrower in a credit card's underwriting and issuance. In credit card underwriting a creditor will use automated technology to establish all of the pricing terms at the onset of the relationship.
  • What is an advance fee?

    money paid in advance, as for goods or services, to a commission agent or the like. capital necessary to begin a business enterprise. Also called advance fee. money furnished by a company to a financier under a promise to procure funds for it.

Is Carmax for used cars only?

CarMax may have the best deal for the car you are looking for, especially if you're getting something interesting that may require some extra warranty coverage. Keep in mind that CarMax is a used car dealer, just like any other store that sells pre-owned cars.
  • What state is the cheapest to buy a used car?

    Here's CarGuru's list of the top 10 most affordable cities in which to buy a used car and the percentages below national average transaction prices:
    • Miami, FL , -6.6%
    • Cleveland, OH, -5.7%
    • Rochester, NY, -5.4%
    • Detroit, MI, -4.7%
    • Stamford, CT, -4.7%
    • Akron, OH, -4.4%
    • Buffalo, NY, -4.4%
    • Toledo, OH, -3.7%
  • Can you buy a car in another state?

    When buying a new car out of state, or in state, you'll need to file certain paperwork, pay sales tax, and pay titling and registration fees to your state motor vehicle agency. If you were wondering if you can you buy a car without a license, the answer is yes, but you'll need a license to drive it.
  • Are carmax cars certified pre owned?

    CarMax can be a viable alternative to buying a certified pre-owned vehicle from a dealership. A 3-year-old certified pre-owned vehicle will have a 5.8 percent price premium over a similar non-certified car. The CPO premium increases for luxury vehicles.

How long does it take to get a car from Carmax?

Q: How long will you hold the vehicle for me? A: Once it arrives the vehicle will be held for 72 hours. If you are unable to come in within 72 hours, please notify your sales consultant ahead of time to make other arrangements.
  • Can you sell a car without a title?

    All states have a process for declaring your title lost or stolen and applying for a duplicate title. Some states have a process for selling your vehicle to a private owner without a title. And if you're hoping to sell your vehicle to a car junker for cash, a title may not be necessary at all.
  • Can I sell a car for scrap without a title?

    If you can prove ownership with an old registration and drivers license you can often sell your car for junk without a title. We cannot accept abandoned vehicles. If the title is lost you must typically have your registration in order to scrap a car or some method to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle.
  • How do you get a title for an abandoned vehicle?

    Part 2 Contacting the Owner
    1. Find the vehicle's VIN number. In order to obtain the title of an abandoned vehicle, you must first locate the owner.
    2. Visit the DMV.
    3. See if you can legally purchase the vehicle from the previous owner.
    4. Familiarize yourself with the necessary forms.

Updated: 18th September 2018

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