25th November 2019


Who founded the NFL in 1920?

NFL founded in Canton. On September 17, 1920, a group of men gathered in Canton, Ohio at the Hupmobile showroom of Ralph Hay, owner of the hometown Bulldogs. The result of the meeting was the birth of the National Football League.

Moreover, who were the original 8 teams in the NFL?

One could consider the latter example to be the NFL's Original 8: the Giants, Bears, Cardinals, Packers, Lions, Redskins, Eagles and Steelers. From 1944-1969 the Rams, Browns, 49ers, Vikings, Saints, Falcons, Cowboys and Colts were added and in 1969 the league merged with the AFL, adding ten new teams.

When did the NFL become the NFL?

The leagues also agreed to play an annual AFL-NFL World Championship Game, matching the championship teams of each league, beginning in January 1967; the game that would eventually become known as the Super Bowl. The two leagues would officially merge in 1970 to form one league with two conferences.
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