2nd October 2019


Who does the raven represent in Animal Farm?

In George Orwell's Animal Farm, Moses the raven represents organized religion, hence the name “Moses.” Like their allegorical counterparts in the Russian Revolution, the ruling pigs initially considered religion to be an enemy of the people, and an “opiate of the masses.”

Accordingly, who represented communism in Animal Farm?

Orwell did indeed want to comment on Communism with his allegorical fable Animal Farm. The society that the animals set up is analogous to the beginnings of the Russian Revolution. The ideas that everybody should share equally in the wealth created by their collective labor is at the heart of Marx's ideology.

Who are Napoleon's secret police in Animal Farm?

Perhaps the closest parallel to Stalin's secret police in Animal Farm are the dogs, taken from their mother while they were still puppies, and reared to be killers by Napoleon. When Napoleon decides to drive Snowball from the farm, he uses the dogs to do so.
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