2nd October 2019


Who discovered silver and when?

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Element NameDiscovered ByYear
SilverKnown since ancient times?
SodiumSir Humphry Davy1807
StrontiumAdair Crawford1790
SulfurKnown since ancient times?

In this way, what was the element silver named after?

Silver was discovered by Known since ancient times in unknown at not known. Origin of name: from the Anglo-Saxon word "siolfur" meaning "silver" (the origin of the symbol Ag comes from the Latin word "argentum" meaning "silver").

Where did the last name silver come from?

Last name: Silver. Recorded in many forms including Silber, Silbermann, Silver, Silvers, Silverman, Silvermann, Zylberman, Zylberdik, and Silversmid, this surname is mainly English, Scottish, German, and Hebrew. Of pre 7th century origins, it has at least three distinct possible sources.
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