9th September 2018


Who are the Weather Channel meteorologists?

Our Personalities
  • Stephanie Abrams. On-Camera Meteorologist and Co-Host, "AMHQ"
  • Mike Bettes. On-Camera Meteorologist and Host, "Weather Underground"
  • Liana Brackett. On-Camera Meteorologist.
  • Chris Bruin. On-Camera Meteorologist.
  • Jim Cantore. On-Camera Meteorologist and Co-Host, "AMHQ"
  • Jen Carfagno.
  • Kelly Cass.
  • Mark Elliot.

Where is the weather channel on DirecTV?

The Weather Channel (to appear on channel 362) will cut its reality programming by half on weekdays. It also will return instant local weather and authorize DirecTV subscribers to stream its video programming to multiple devices inside and outside the home.

Is there a weather channel on Roku?

Well the Weather Channel is now available on your Roku with their new Local Now Roku Channel. If you have had Sling TV recently you are probably already familiar with Local Now. It brings local weather, news, sports, traffic, and other local content to your Roku.
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