2nd October 2019


Who are the 12 Olympian gods?

Here are the twelve Olympians:
  • Zeus.
  • Hera.
  • Poseidon.
  • Demeter.
  • Athena.
  • Ares.
  • Apollo.
  • Artemis.

Who are the 14 Olympian gods?

14 Olympian Gods and Creation
  • Zeus. Jove or Jupiter. King of Gods. Symbol: Lighting/Thunder.
  • Poseidon. Neptune. Ruler of Seas.
  • Hades. Pluto. Ruler of Underworld.
  • Hera. Juno. Queen of Gods.
  • Hestia. Vesta. Goddess of Home and Hearth.
  • Demeter. Ceres. Goddess of Grain and Harvest.
  • Athena. Minerva. Goddess of Wisdom/Truth and Justice/Law.
  • Apollo. Apollo. God of Music/Sun/Light.
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