6th October 2019


Which way do you face to pray to Mecca?

Know where in the world you are in relation to Makkah (Mecca). While the common misconception is that Muslims always pray facing east, that's only true if you're west of Makkah. In the US, it's roughly northeast. If you are in Japan you would face west-northwest, and if in South Africa, you would face north-northeast.

People also ask, where is Mecca facing?

Muslims don't face towards Makkah to pray, in fact we bow down facing towards the holy Kaabah (House of Allah built by His prophet) which is located in Makkah. :) so when in Makkah, we face towards the Kaabah. In a mosque, there's a prayer niche called a mihrab which shows the direction of Mecca.

Which way am I facing right now?

the side u are facing in the morning is east, back is west, left hand side is north, right hand side is South. Also in the evening time the direction of E W and N S alters

Where is Mecca East or West?

Muslims face in the direction of shortest distance the holy Kaaba in Makkah while praying, it is different directions for different countries.For the Indians and other southeast countries , they face the west, whereas in Europe and Africa it is towards east and northeast respectively.
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