2nd November 2019


Which part of the microscope moves the stage up and down?

ARM This part on the side of the microscope is used to support it when it is carried. COARSE ADJUSTMENT KNOB This part moves the stage up and down to help you get the specimen into view. FINE ADJUSTMENT KNOB This part moves the stage slightly to help you sharpen or “fine” tune your view of the specimen.

In respect to this, what part of the microscope is used to adjust the amount of light reaching the stage?

According to funtriva.com, the piece that allows you to adjust the amount of light that's coming through the microscope is called the adjustable diaphragm. It is located under to stage (where what you are observing is placed on) and can be rotated to make the light intensity change.

How do you adjust light intensity on a microscope?

Look through the eyepiece (1) and move the focus knob until the image comes into focus. Adjust the condenser (7) and light intensity for the greatest amount of light. Move the microscope slide around until the sample is in the centre of the field of view (what you see).

What changes the magnification on a microscope?

To figure the total magnification of an image that you are viewing through the microscope is really quite simple. To get the total magnification take the power of the objective (4X, 10X, 40x) and multiply by the power of the eyepiece, usually 10X.
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