17th October 2019


Which one is bigger GB or MB?

The difference between a kilobyte, which is KB, a megabyte which is MB, a gigabyte which is GB and a terabyte which is TB is size and nothing more. A kilobyte, KB, is a 1000 bytes. A megabyte is a 1000 kilobytes. A gigabyte is a 1000 megabytes.

Also know, why does 1 MB is 1024 KB?

A Byte is equal to 8 Bits. A Kilobyte is actually 1,024 Bytes depending on which definition is used. A Megabyte is approximately 1000 Kilobytes. A megabyte is a unit of information or computer storage equal to 1,048,576 bytes (Difference between kilobyte, megabyte and gigabyte).

Which is larger KB or MB?

Computer file sizes largest gigabyte (gb) larger megabyte (mb) large kilobyte (kb).
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