Which news network has the most viewers?


Updated: 29th June 2020

2019 Basic Cable Rankings, Total Viewers
RankNetworkTotal Viewers (in millions)
1Fox News2.57

So, who has more viewers Fox News or CNN?

Fox News' primetime lineup drew 2.4 million total viewers, down 1% from the same period a year earlier, compared with 1.5 million for MSNBC, which was down 18%. CNN drew 1 million viewers but was up 1%.

Is Fox News owned by Disney?

The acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney took place on March 20, 2019. Immediately preceding the acquisition, 21st Century Fox spun off the Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Television Stations, Fox News Channel, Fox Business, FS1, FS2, Fox Deportes, and the Big Ten Network into the newly-formed Fox Corporation.

Is Fox News really fair and balanced?

Fox News Channel originally used the slogan "Fair and Balanced", which was coined by network co-founder Roger Ailes while the network was being established. The New York Times described the slogan as being a "blunt signal that Fox News planned to counteract what Mr.
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