2nd October 2019


Which muscles are the synergist muscle during the bench press?

Muscles that assist another muscle to complete a movement are known as synergist muscles.
  • Short Head Biceps Brachii. The short head biceps brachii is located along the inner portion of the bicep muscle.
  • Anterior Deltoids.
  • Triceps Brachii.
  • Clavicular Pectoralis Major.

Similarly, it is asked, what muscles are used in a bench press?

It is the staple exercise for building muscle mass and strength in the chest. The primary muscles that are worked in a bench press are the triceps brachii and pectoralis major with the anterior (front) deltoids, traps & back as secondary muscles used in the flat barbell bench press.

What is the prime mover in a bench press?

The pectorals are the prime mover in the lower portion of the bench. As you increase the incline of the bench, however, the sternal portion of the pecs are taken out of the movement and the clavicular portion of the pecs and anterior deltoids take over.

What is the synergist in a bench press?

The synergists in the bench press are the deltoids or shoulder muscles; the triceps, which extend your elbows; the serratus anterior, which fixes your shoulder blades to your ribs; and the clavicular or upper part of the pecs.
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