16th October 2019


Which IV fluids are isotonic hypotonic hypertonic?

IV fluid tonicity
0.9% NaCl (normal saline)isotonic
0.45% NaClhypotonic
2.5% dextrosehypotonic
Lactated Ringer's solutionisotonic
D5W (acts as a hypotonic solution in body)isotonic

Considering this, what is isotonic hypotonic and hypertonic?

Isotonic, Hypotonic, and Hypertonic Solutions. Water moves readily across cell membranes through special protein-lined channels, and if the total concentration of all dissolved solutes is not equal on both sides, there will be net movement of water molecules into or out of the cell.

What is the difference between isotonic and hypertonic solution?

When it comes to a saline rinse, there are three basic types - isotonic, hypertonic, and hypotonic. "Iso" means "equal", "hyper" means "high", and "hypo" means "low". Hypertonic saline has a higher concentration of salt. For congestion or a runny nose a hypertonic solution may be helpful.
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