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Which IV fluid to use?

0.45% sodium chloride (0.45% NaCl), 0.33% sodium chloride, 0.2% sodium chloride, and 2.5% dextrose in water. Hypotonic fluids are used to treat patients with conditions causing intracellular dehydration, when fluid needs to be shifted into the cell , such as:1. Hypernatremia2. Diabetic ketoacidosis3.

Regarding this, which are isotonic fluids?

The following is a list of solutions by their tonicity:
  • Hypertonic: D5 NaCl. D5 in Lactated ringers. D5 0.45% NaCl.
  • Isotonic: 0.9% NaCl (Normal Saline) Lactated Ringers. D5W (In the bag)
  • Hypotonic: D5W (in the body) 0.25% NaCl. 0.45% NaCl (half normal saline) 2.5% Dextrose.

Is normal saline isotonic?

It has a slightly higher degree of osmolarity (i.e. more solute per litre) than blood (However, if you take into account the osmotic coefficient, a correction for non-ideal solutions, then the saline solution is much closer to isotonic. One litre of 0.9% Saline contains: 154 mEq of sodium ion = 154 mmol.

Is d5ns isotonic?

D5W, a dextrose based solution, is also actually considered isotonic (while in the bag). However, it is considered hypotonic while in the body (260). D5NS, D51/2NS, and D5LR are the most common hypertonic solutions.
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