21st November 2019


Which is the universal language?

English is without a doubt the actual universal language. It is the world's second largest native language, the official language in 70 countries, and English-speaking countries are responsible for about 40% of world's total GNP.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the most common universal language?

The 10 Most Common Languages
  • What are the world's most common languages? Estimating these most common language populations can be tricky, and there is a range of data available.
  • 1) Mandarin.
  • 2) Spanish.
  • 3) English.
  • 4) Hindi/Urdu.
  • 5) Arabic.
  • 6) Portuguese.
  • 7) Bengali.

What kind of language is Esperanto?

info)) is a constructed international auxiliary language. L. L. Zamenhof, a Polish-Jewish ophthalmologist, created Esperanto in the late 19th century and published the first book detailing it, Unua Libro, in 1887 under the pseudonym Dr. Esperanto, Esperanto translating as "one who hopes".

What country is Esperanto spoken in?

Esperanto has been in continuous use since its creation, even though it is not recognized as an official language by any country. According to Ethnologue, Esperanto is spoken by some 2 million people as a second language in 115 countries, most of them in Central and Eastern Europe, East Asia, and South America.
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