29th June 2020


Which is correct different from or different to?

So a big distinction between the two expressions is this: different from typically requires a noun or noun form to complete the expression, while different than may be followed by a clause. New Fowler says that both different from and different than have flourished in America.

Also question is, is different or are different?

Different is an adjective, a word which qualifies a noun. Difference is a noun, which means it indicates a person, place or thing. Difference is a thing, an abstract idea in this case. It means the quality of not being identical.

Also Know, is no different from?

No difference is a noun phrase, whereas no different is an adjective phrase. Compare: This candidate's agenda is no different from that one's. There is no difference between the agenda of the two candidates.

What is different in and at?

3 Answers. The main difference between "in" and "at" in everyday speech and locating people or things geographically is this: The preposition at is used to describe the fact of a person or thing being at a geographical location but does not describe the person or thing actually being inside of the structure or place.

What is a synonym for not different?

“Making something and swapping it for something from abroad is no different than making it directly.”

What is another word for no different?
the same
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