Which is a stronger acid HCl or HBr?

It isn't. In terms of dissociation, HI has a pKa of -9.3 and HBr has a pKa of -8.7 compared to the pKa of HCl at -6.3. In water, however, functionally they are basically of equal strength because they are all stronger acids than the hydronium ion, which means that they will dissociate and protonate water to completion.

Why HF is a weaker acid than HCl?

Because of strong affinity of fluorine for hydrogen so it strongly holds hydrogen and don't loose it very easily. As in HCl due to lesser H-Cl bond dissociation enthalpy as compared to HF, HCl is stronger acid than HF. This is the basic concept for the reason why HF is a weaker acid than HCl.
  • Why is HF a stronger acid than hi?

    A strong acid should easily release H+ ion. As electronegativity diff between H and I is less than H and F , H-F bond is more strong and less easily broken . So, HI is stronger than HF. The atomic size of iodine is larger than fluorine.
  • Is h3po4 a strong acid or weak acid?

    Phosphorus is not electronegative enough. Along with the higher electronegativity of N relative to P, the extra oxygen makes HNO3 a strong acid, while the lack thereof makes H3PO4 weak. After H3PO4 does lose a proton, it forms H2PO4-, which lacks sufficient resonance stabilization.
  • Is h2co3 a strong or weak acid or base?

    In general H2CO3 is considered to be weak acid but stronger than most organic acids. conjugate base of HCl is a weak base Cl-. thus when we examine the carbonic acid, H2CO3, when it loses a proton, H+, the base formed will be a strong and resonance staballized base CO3- -. Thus it is aweak acid.

Why is HF more corrosive than HCl?

HF is corrosive because of its proton; it's corrosive to bones because of its fluoride. HF corrodes glass and HCl doesn't because silicon tetrafluoride is a more stable complex than the highly reactive silicon tetrachloride. It has little to do with whether the acid is weak or strong.
  • Can hydrofluoric acid dissolve glass?

    Because of its high reactivity toward glass and moderate reactivity toward many metals, hydrofluoric acid is usually stored in plastic containers (although PTFE is slightly permeable to it). Hydrogen fluoride gas is an acute poison that may immediately and permanently damage lungs and the corneas of the eyes.
  • Why does hydrofluoric acid not dissolve plastic?

    Hydrofluoric acid is a highly corrosive acid, capable of dissolving many materials, especially oxides. Because of its high reactivity toward glass and moderate reactivity toward many metals, hydrofluoric acid is usually stored in plastic containers (although polytetrafluoroethylene is slightly permeable to it).
  • How do you make hydrochloric acid?

    First, you will pour some salt into a distil flask. After this, you will add in some concentrated sulfuric acid to the salt. Next, you will let these react with each other. You will start to see gasses bubble up and the excess hydrogen chloride gas come out through the top of the tube.

Is hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid stronger?

Is sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid stronger? Of my belief, sulfuric acid might be a little stronger than hydrochloric acid. Because even though they both are strong acids, one mole of sulfuric acid produces two times as much as one mole of hydrochloric acid.
  • Which is more acidic hno3 or HCL?

    Just like pH was invented for the hydrogen ion concentration, pKa is the scale used to deal with the dissociation of acid. The more the dissociation, the stronger the acid. This means, lower the number, the more acidic the acid. Therefore it can be inferred that HCl is more acidic than HNO3.
  • What is the difference between hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid?

    Both hydrochloric acid (HCl) and sulfuric acids (H2SO4) are strong mineral(inorganic) acids. But, there are some impotant differences between the two. HCl is a monobasic acid, which means its molecule has only one ionizable hydrogen atom. H2SO4 is a dibasic acid, as it has two ionizable hydrogen atoms in its molecule.
  • Is hydrochloric acid or nitric acid stronger?

    The higher, the stronger! Nitric Acid: Nitric acid(HNO3) is much more powerful oxidant than Hydrochloric acid (HCl). The strength of acids is determined by its ability to donate protons in aqueous environment (Arrhenius definition of acid-base).

Updated: 16th October 2019

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